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Day backpack KL original Dutch Army camouflage Dutch 3 color desertThe Royal Army (KL) army daypack ..
€ 21.95
text_tax € 18.14

Ammunition box big 40mm cartridges..
€ 17.95
text_tax € 14.83

Hat combat tropical..
€ 9.95
text_tax € 8.22

Winter cap Dutch army camouflage..
€ 4.90
text_tax € 4.05

water bottle, mug & cover..
€ 11.95
text_tax € 9.88

BCB Haul (27 Liters) -6%
BCB Haul (27 Litres)Supplied and Fitted with WXP Hydration SystemMain Compartment16 Litres capacity...
€ 89.95 € 84.95
text_tax € 70.21

BCB Payload -4%
BCB Payload**SUPPLIED & FITTED WITH SOURCE BAFFLED RESERVOIR**CapacityCapacity: 42 LitresCargo c..
€ 119.95 € 114.95
text_tax € 95.00

Insoles Dutch army boots -17%
Insoles for army boots KLGood insoles Bata, moisture and temperature regulating, shock absorbent, hy..
€ 11.95 € 9.95
text_tax € 8.22

Leather cream -17%
Leather creamLeather Cream is a product for leather regularly. Draw well in the pores of the leather..
€ 5.95 € 4.95
text_tax € 4.09

Socks -5%
military socksOriginal military socks, which the dimensions are still original!Firm and warm knitted..
€ 9.95 € 9.45
text_tax € 7.81

Berghaus Crusader 90+20 MMPSHighly Durable & Adaptable 90+20 Litre Military RucksackIf you have ..
€ 148.90
text_tax € 123.06

Berghaus Cyclops Vulcan with Cyclops 2, Cedar GreenThe Berghaus Cyclops Vulcan by 2 is a serious exp..
€ 84.95
text_tax € 70.21

Lowe Alpine SaracenThe Lowe Alpine Saracen is the large backpack of the Dutch army. If we look at th..
€ 139.95
text_tax € 115.66

Lowe Alpine Sting, Camouflage DPM WoodlandThe Lowe Alpine Sting in the Dutch DPM Woodland Camouflage..
€ 89.90
text_tax € 74.30

Lowe Alpine Strike, Camouflage DPM WoodlandThe Lowe Alpine Strike (also known as grabbag) with its 6..
€ 84.90
text_tax € 70.17

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